About Janitor Jan

This site is supposed to be about Janitor Jan, hopefully I will figure my way around it soon. It is so frustrating to not know how to do things. Which by the way, I will be …..blogging about CLEANING and my struggles starting a cleaning business. Some times I will have a stain or be cleaning and not knowing how to clean it can be totally frustrating. So if any one is struggling with your cleaning, let me know and we will try to figure it out. My biggest pet peeve is hard water stains. They absolutely make me crazy, and sadly I have not found an easy way to get rid of them. One thing I do recommend is…. when the stains are gone from your shower, WAX  the walls and the darn glass door, not the floor that would make it slippery. Use good old car wax let dry and wipe off. You will love how the water rolls off the walls. For better results make yourself squeegee your shower walls after every time it’s used. With this method my shower walls stay free from stains for about 3 months. #HardWaterStains #WaxThoseWalls


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